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Insanity is when you're locked in a round room and told to find a corner. ~

Much like a round room think of that but on a "global" scale. You're told that you can accomplish your dreams and wants. That the world has your back, then one day you get a speeding ticket, then you have child support. Then you have credit lines, and corporate pursuits. delusions of grandeur, all of them not even a half truth anymore as slowly your reality breaks.

You lose control, you have no control, you never had... control...

Then you comply, nothing will change chants the masses, nothing will ever be good enough.

You won't ever be good enough your mind tells you after all your fails.

However, there is another side... a side that many do not know the path of, for if they did... well then everyone would become very powerful.

Stay tuned for more information, this is only the beginning. ~ Zoo

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