Futility In Life & Death

To me life and death are the same side of coin, you can't stop one or the other from happening, even suicide is no escape from the unknown of existence. ~

I do not live, yet I also do not die. Call him immortal or delusional they will say.

Death comes for us all does it not? I am not so sure this is the case.

Energy has existed since before our time and will exist after, it is from energy which we come, the Atheist and the Theologian cannot disagree, for all is composed of microscopic energy down to its core.

Thus everything exists, yet also does not exist.

We are merely an illusion of an energy source projecting its conscious.

Perhaps like my minds God theorem idea, everything is tied to quantum or sub quantum particles, through light vibration sound and frequency.

Perhaps after all of these particles connect form move and create their eco systems, the conscious of the total outcome projects into physicality, with enough trillions of layers of light folded and entangled upon one another, they create the physical world, and the feelings emotions and thoughts are the projected conscious of those energies.

There are a good many Perhaps out there, I feel it very likely we will never understand our true potential, because the worlds livestock which is what we have become, know no difference between life and death, they live to die thus living is dying thus both are one in the same.

Some day they will wish they had more time, and then they will also realize, time was the illusion the whole time. We choose to live, we choose to die.

Cause and Effect.

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